ChiQ Montes, You Rock!

Pinay web designer ChiQ Montes is making waves in the blogosphere as a WordPress Theme Designer. And she’s turning out to be a great person as well. I’m sure those who understand Hiligaynon can empathize with me when I was not included on the list of winners on the Premium Theme contest.  Those who understand Hiligaynon will know that the post was about how a series of misfortune aggravated by  SmartBro and Globe 3G made things difficult for me in submitting my entry to the contest.

I left a comment over at her blog that I was surprised why I was not even on the list of those who participated but that I enjoyed the contest and I’m looking forward in joining future contests. I did not request for special consideration nor did I blame her for not having won. I didn’t expect her to email me this morning informing me that she must have missed my entry. I understand very well, she has a lot of entries to consider. In return, she offered me to choose the premium theme I want from the list of prizes and she will personally sponsor it. Wow! How cool is that? Now that is what I call customer service. I am not a paying customer at that but she went out of her way to delight me.

Aren’t you curious of what she gave me? Here it is . . . drumrolls please. . . Tada!

Revolution Pro Media theme by Brian Gardner! This theme is just perfect for a blog that I was thinking of launching (baw launching kuno), which I have already bought the domain but couldn’t find the time to start. This is just the push that I needed.

In exchange for her graciousness, I’m keeping her ad on this blog’s sidebar and on my other blog’s sidebar. I have also voted for her Mag On Wood theme over at Lunartics, which I hope you would also vote for. Come on, help a fellow Filipino. It will not even take much of your time. And she’s good so your vote will be worth it. Hats off to you ChiQ Montes!

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  • Thank thank you.. im flattered.
    by the way, i do understand a bit of that post you were talking about. im bisaya.. and somehow, i kind of get it. Lol. see ya around.. new friends are fun :)

  • it’s not out of pity at all (don’t worry) :) i did saw your entries.. heck, it took me 5 hours to go through all of them.. but for some weird reason.. i missed your points! and you had the guts to question me about it.. lol. so i really think you deserve a theme, somehow.

  • Yeah, ChiQ rocks my socks! I just had to read this when I saw the trackback on her blog lol. I am using my prize theme (changed colors) on my personal blog and will be using it on my brandnew blog :)

    Leave a comment on my blog telling me where you will be using it so I can check it! Please? 😉

  • PromdiBlogger

    Geez, my friend was right, naawa ka nga sa akin. hehehe…yeah, i think you’ll see more of me lurking on your blog. thanks again for the premium theme. i really appreciate the gesture. ;-D

  • PromdiBlogger

    “ask and you shall receive” 😀

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